What The Hell’s Going On Here Then?

Hello! I’m Anna, I’m 33 years old and I live in Liverpool England with my DH, our almost 3 year old boy (aka Little One), 2 cats and a dog. We’re a vegan/vegetarian family. My DH and Little One being the Vegetarians and me being a vegan of about a year and a half this time. I was vegan at university way back in the day but my beliefs at that point didn’t hold and I went back to being vegetarian. In total I was a vegetarian for 16 years.

So, why vegan? When my son was born I started looking at things differently, through a haze of pnd, the major changes in thought and feeling you have after having a child, shock of a terrible birth experience and expressing for Little One for 3 hours a day for 5 months I began to think about food more and what we eat. There I was going to all that effort to put human milk in my son (and getting glared at by the ‘conventional’ breastfeeders whenever I pulled out a bottle in public), so if this was better for him now then why was cows milk better for him when he was older? Two horrible bouts of mastitis made me think more about what was actually in our milk but I still wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge.

Off my reading list I picked up Fast Food Nation. We’ve never been very big on the fast food anyway but I was interested to back up my hatred of the Golden Arches and learn more about how bad they really were. What I found alongside that was information which changed my ethical viewpoint hugely by the time I finished the book. The sections on chickens, the picture he paints of cows walking into the slaughterhouse and the comments on milk all made clear in my head that it was time for me to do what was right instead of just doing what was easy.

I started off with the intention of making the transition slowly, but it became clear quite quickly that it wasn’t going to work that way for me, at least with food, I needed to make a quick fast change and just do it, so after a holiday where vegan food was impossible to find at lunchtimes and I had succumed to the lure of cheese and felt bad about it, I returned home and became a dietary vegan there and then.

I am working on becoming totally vegan. I replace my shoes when they wear out, find vegan cleaning substances when we need them and generally work this way with everything, when it’s worn out we find a vegan replacement, we don’t have the funds to just throw things away (or donate them) and start again.

My son remains vegetarian for 2 reasons, the first being that my husband prefers him to eat that way and the second that when I went vegan I didn’t have enough information on health matters to begin to feed an 18 month old child that way so he is used to a vegetarian diet and loves milk and cheese. My aim over the next year is to move Little One over to a vegan diet. I know he’ll eat soya yoghurt, have soya milk on his cereal and will eat the majority of vegan meals I cook him, I just need to replace the cheese he has (he doesn’t like eggs) and find something for him to drink in the mornings instead of cow’s milk. I have one more carton of longlife milk left to make him yoghurt with and then we will only have soya yoghurt in the house and next time I shop I will look for flavoured soya milk for him to try (depending on additives and calories). This is all happening under the radar as DH is still pretty set against Little One being vegan, but as I feed him and do the cooking and meal planning I have the upper hand!

So, what’s this blog for? Since the start of the year I have become determined to eat more healthily and reduce my weight. My starting weight was 200lbs and after 3 weeks I have lost 3lbs. My plan is to eat healthier options and eat less, I will not diet or follow a plan, I want to change the way I view and consume food as that will last me a lifetime. This is a slow winding road and not a fast track to being thin, I have 33 years worth of bad habits and binge eating to combat but I will get there in the end!

I will be keeping a daily food log on this site, so that I can see what I’m eating in black and white (and orange!) and whether I am doing well or doing badly. I hope that by living this journey out loud I can get some support and also information from others as to what has worked and what they thing I might be doing right or wrong.

I’ll also be commenting on what I’ve been cooking, where the recipe came from, what it was like and so on. Since I’ve become vegan I’ve found a great love for cooking and become a bit of a cookbook whore, I have a whole shelf of vegan cookbooks and am always on the lookout for more when funds allow.

I’ll also be commenting on being vegan in general, the ups and downs, what I love and what I don’t like so much, what I’ve been reading and what I need to find out.

So, with that ramble out of the way I shall kick this blog off, I hope to find some new friends along the way so please feel free to comment and add your thoughts, I don’t know any vegans face to face so online is the only vegan love I get!


So, what do you think?

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