Food Log – 1 Feb 06

Breakfast – Crunchy Museli with soya milk, 2 cups of black coffee.

The recipe for this is in Garden of Vegan. The first time I made it I thought that the wheatgerm made it too bitter so I halved the amount this time. I also substituted sunflower seeds for pumpkin seeds and totally forgot it was in the oven so it stayed in much longer than it should have but is fine! I put dried cranberries and raisins as the fruit.

Lunch – Packet of 3 minute noodles, 1 leftover biscuit, 3 medium glasses of water.

I burnt the noodles to the bottom of the pan so lost quite a few!

Dinner – Cinnamon Spiced Vegetables with Quinoa, 3 medium glasses of water.

The spiced veg recipe is from La Dolce Vegan and it was really nice, I replaced the sweet potato with white potato though as my sweet potato had gone rotten on me! We had quinoa instead of cous cous and all liked it, had a bit of a problem rinsing it though as it is so small it goes through the holes in my sieve!

Again, will try and avoid snack attacks tonight and probably have a cup of tea, but not a bad day I don’t think.

I succumed to popcorn last night and went to bed early to read my book, one of my favourite treats! I had a cup of chamomile and spearmint tea with it and another medium glass of water before I went to bed.


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