Food Glorious Food

I think that in a past life I may have been starving or just not had much food about as a constant obsession of mine seems to be to keep a full larder and make sure I have back up bags or packages of things for when I run out. We are lucky in this house as we have a proper larder with shelves. Our kitchen is quite small, I have 2 wall cupboards, a tall thin cupboard and a set of drawers and that is all the storage space there is in there. A lot of houses in the street have knocked through into the larder and made bigger kitchens but we couldn’t afford the building work or the kitchen units to fill the space if we had knocked through, plus one of the things we love about this house is that it’s still got features like that. It also makes me feel good to walk past my larder (there’s no door or curtain, I keep thinking I should make one but never do) and see this:

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The top shelf holds all the pasta and cereal (the boxes at the very back are empty jam jars waiting for me to get my ass in gear and make more jam and marmalade) as well as a packet of dried seaweed I’m dying to try out!

The middle shelf I adore. It has 2 rows of Ikea glass storage jars, big ones at the back and small ones at the front full of beans and pulses (plus cornmeal and stuff like that). On top of the jars are things like rice noodles and buckwheat noodles. At the front is the spare cocoa powder and vanilla.

The bottom shelf is jars, bottles and tins, from back to front are all the different vinegars I have, random packets like stuffing, vegetable suet, pudding mixes for Little One (must investigate vegan puddings), dried coconut milk and puppadoms. Next comes my selection of oils and my huge old bottle of soy sauce, then tomato puree and other tubes of stuff, soya milk, sauces, chutneys and suchlike, piled on top are DH’s chocolate biscuits he takes for lunch, a big stack of noodles, silken tofu, tins of beans (using those up and then moving towards the freezer beans!) and then many many tins of chopped tomatoes. DH also appears to have 2 tins of tuna in there.

We go to the supermarket once a month and we’re now halfway through the month so we’ve actually used up a load of stuff, there was a lot more soya milk and more tins on there a few weeks back!

If you think all that is anal and ott we’ve only just started friends!

The other side of the larder looks like this:

Image Hosted by

The top shelf has appliances like the breadmaker, sandwich toaster and popcorn machine. The middle shelf is cat and dog food, some more appliances and some jam at the back.

The bottom shelf holds all my baking stuff. There are many jars of different flours (anyone tell me what I can do with a huge bag of white rice flour?) and then comes the blue lidded jars which hold coconut, wheatgerm, sunflower sees, raisins, dates, oatbran, peanuts etc etc etc.

The shelf unit you can see on the floor holds in the top DH’s crisps for his lunches and potatoes and vegetables that don’t need to be kept cold in the top basket and the middle and bottom baskets are filled with packages to refill jars with, so there’s sugar, flour, beans, lentils, nuts, dried fruit etc etc. When I empty a bag into a jar I put the item on the shopping list so I always have a bag standing by.

This is my herb collection:

Image Hosted by

Again emptied into little Ikea jars. Both those shelves are full and I have a few more things in this cupboard that I don’t use on a day to day basis.

Image Hosted by

The jars on the middle shelf of this cupboard hold nuts and sesame seeds, there’s a container of poppy seeds in there and a few bags of other assorted nuts and things. The bottom shelf has jars of stuff like date syrup, black strap molasses, mustard and peanut butter. Then there are the spices along with egg replacer, corn flour and agar agar (for the uncheese making). I’ve also got the vegan Parmesan substitute and baking powder, baking soda, vanilla and suchlike in there. I tend to cook most on the counter under that cupboard so that things are to hand.

And finally, these are what inspires all this food to be bought and cooked:

Image Hosted by

That’s the full selection of cookery books. The top left shelf also has gardening books on it and books on herbs, the bottom left shelf is vegetarian cookery books mainly along with some Nigella Lawson books. The right hand shelf looks like this:

Image Hosted by

That’s the vegan cookery book shelf. The papers are recipes off the internet, when I’ve tried them and if we like them they go into the green folder (I’m looking to replace that folder with a nice book I can write in if I can ever find one I like and can afford). At the rate I buy cookery books at the moment I expect that shelf to be full by the end of the year!

So, that’s my kitchen and my organisational and stocking up anal ways out in the open, what does your stuff look like?


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