Food Log – 6 Feb 06

Breakfast – 2 small muffins, 2 cups of black coffee, medium glass of water

Lunch – Corn Chowder, 2 medium glasses of water, 3/4 of an apple.

I’m trying to eat up the leftovers from the freezer to clear some space in there and I’m not having bread with my soup for lunch anymore to see if that helps.

Dinner – Vegetarian Schnitzel, potatoes with a small bit of margarine, green beans, 3 medium glasses of water.

I had less potatoes than I normally would have and less margarine. I also had a lot more green beans than I normally would have had, they’re home grown and lovely but I’ve got a ton of them in the freezer!

Snack – 1 very thin slice of pumpkin bread.

Made this from La Dolce Vegan from my home grown pumpkin (I got 3 little ones) and wanted to try it, it really was a very small slice. I admit I did lick the spoon and taste the batter while I was cooking these loaves.


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