Food Log – 7 Feb 06

Breakfast – 2 thin slices of pumpkin loaf, 1 medium glass of water, 2 cups of black coffee.

This came out really well, Little One only ate half his slice, he’s not a big fan of the walnuts, but besides that it seems to be a hit.

Lunch – Earthy Lentil Soup, 3 medium glasses of water, a pear.

The soup was leftovers, the recipe from Vive Le Vegan.

Dinner – Mixed Bean and Pepper Stew, 2 pieces of Cornbread with a small bit of margarine, 3 medium glasses of water, 1/4 of a banana and nut muffin.

The stew is from A Vegan Taste of the Caribbean and was a bit dull I thought. I used cannelli beans from the freezer (yeah!) and a tin from my collection of chick peas. The cornbread recipe is from La Dolce Vegan and is very nice. I think my dish is smaller and deeper than the one the person who wrote the recipe used as it never ever cooks in the right amount of time, it always takes almost 20 minutes longer. I also had a few home grown, home salt water soaked, home baked pumpkin seeds which are pretty nice.

Need to watch the extras I have like the bit of muffin (Little One didn’t want all his muffin) and the seeds, the day would have been pretty good besides that I think.


So, what do you think?

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