Food Log – 8 Feb 06

Breakfast – 2 small banana and nut muffins, 2 cups of black coffee.

Totally forgot to have a glass of water, I was busy hoovering and putting on washing and getting ready to leave the house for Toddler Group.

Lunch – 2 white pita bread with salad and a small bit of garlic vegan mayo. 2 glasses of water. Small slice of pumpkin bread.

MIL comes normally on a Tuesday but came today this week instead, she always brings lunch which for me is a salad (before I was vegan I got a sandwich).

Dinner – Tetrazzini, 3 glasses of water.

Tetrazzini is from the Uncheese Cookbook. I made half the recipe as last time I made it there was tons of the stuff. I realised while we were eating though that I blanked and forgot to half the chickpeas, lol.

Not a bad day really except that I got a bag of butterscotch candy from my friend in the States and I’ve been eating those, I think I’ve had 6, opps… They won’t last forever though and if they keep the sugar cravings away then I think it’s ok.

I have further thoughts about my post the other day and the comments but I’ve been very down this week and not feeling very communicative, when I feel better I will post about it though, promise.


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