New Books and An Overdue Update

I have bought some more cookbooks recently, 2 off Ebay and the third from Amazon Marketplace.

The first is The New Vegan by Janet Hudson. This book looked so promising, I was excited as it didn’t have the seemingly mandatory 20 pages plus on vegan nutrition and ‘new ingredients’ etc. I understand there is a need for that kind of stuff but I’d prefer it if authors and publishers presumed that if I wanted that kind of info I’d go looking for it, I would have a lot more room on my cookbook shelf if I cut those bits out of almost all my books, and who reads that bumph more than once anyway (I now skim it so it’s a waste of my money)?

Anyway, enough of that pet peeve, this book is chock full of recipes and the names read like some really exciting new dishes. Then I started reading it and discovered that almost 90% of the recipes call for fake meat of some sort, and a lot of that fake meat isn’t available over here (pork, shrimp, crab…). I’ve nothing against fake meat as such, we love a bit of Mock Duck, Seitan, Veggie Mince and mock Chicken Pieces (I make a mean chicken pie!) but I don’t want my whole diet to be based around that, it’s expensive and unhealthy in my opinion, plus eating stuff that tastes or looks too much like meat freaks me out a bit and makes me feel a tad queasy… From thinking this book rocked I’m now not that impressed, I will try what I can though, we’re having Hawaiian Chicken this month from it.

The second book is Vegan Cooking For Health (Kitchen Doctor) by Nicola Graimes. This book is like a ‘learn to cook’ book, it has colour pictures of steps in the cooking process and pretty pictures of the finished dishes. I couldn’t find much that I wanted to make from it though beyond the bread, but our tastes change during the different seasons so perhaps it’s more a summery book and I’m looking for comfort food to combat the cold at the moment! I got it for cheap so it’s not a loss if I only make bread from it!

The final book is the most exciting, I can’t remember who highlighted it on their blog but I managed to find a very reasonably priced copy on Marketplace (if you’re in the US buy it direct from The book is Hot Damn and Hell Yeah – Ryan Splint with The Dirty South Cookbook at the second half upside down (ie the front is one cookbook’s cover and the back the other book’s cover!). This book looks wonderful, I’m excited to give the recipes a go, they’re definitely not about ‘healthy’ cooking, instead there is a lot of fried stuff etc, but there are some cool looking things, expect dishes to show up in my menus as soon as I can fit them in!

So, I have slacked off on this blog huh? It all started so well and then the blackness that sometimes comes over my life arrived for a visit and I basically sat on my ass watching Alias and knitting a whole sweater. I feel better now, the clouds have parted and I’m in a fighting mood rather than a ‘run away and hide and don’t speak to anyone’ mood which is much better. Many things came together to form the black cloud so I won’t bore you with all that, but I will reassure you that I didn’t binge eat or give up on the reducing plan like I would have in the past, so I’m proud of myself for that.

Granted I probably didn’t eat as well as I should (I ate a whole big bag of butterscotch candy in a week…), we had several evenings where I could just not find the will to cook so we had chips or easy to prepare but not very healthy stuff. I do feel like cooking again now and we’ve done our monthly shop so the larder is full to bursting, I will try and keep the food log up to date as I like to post what I think about different recipes I have tried, helps me remember what I thought if nothing else!

So, where do I stand in the weightloss stakes?

Last week I had a 2lb reduction, I think that in reality I’d lost 1lb of that the week before but as I had my period it didn’t show up properly.

This week I reached my first goal, to get below 14 stone (196lbs). I only lost 1lb but that was the one to take me under, so I am now 13 stone 13lbs, or 195lbs, a total loss of 5 lbs.

It is actually noticeable, I’ve gone down a hole on my belt comfortably, my jeans are getting looser, my bra cups fit better etc so that’s all good news!

Anway, hopefully I can keep loosing, my next goal is 190lbs (13 stone 8lbs), that will be 10lbs lost in total, I figure if I keep setting little goals I will reach them quicker, whereas if I say I want to loose 25lbs it will just seem too much to contemplate. Anyway, my final weight won’t be so much about weight as about size, I’d like to be a UK 16, I believe that’s a US 12 (are US sizes still 2 sizes smaller than UK ones?) as I felt very comfortable at that size, I actually made it to a 14 but I felt too thin, it was uncomfortable to sit down as I’d lost all the padding on my ass, lol. That’s a very very long term goal though as I am sure I will have another baby before I reach that size and then go up before I go down again, but it’s something to keep in mind for the future. I haven’t thought of a reward for myself for loosing another 5lbs, I’m sure something will come to mind before then!


So, what do you think?

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