Food Log – 21 Feb 06

Last night I had popcorn with margarine and a cup of herbal tea whilst reading The Vegan Sourcebook in bed. I have to say that I didn’t enjoy the book very much at all, I think if I weren’t vegan already the tone would have put me off big time but I guess at least now I know what’s in it. I have Being Vegan and I hope that’s better, at least it’s shorter…

Breakfast – 2 small muffins, 2 cups of black coffee

I think these were the soup muffins but as I’ve dumped all the muffins into 1 bag in the freezer I can’t be 100% positive!

Lunch – Golden Lentil Soup, Vegan Cheese Slice on wholewheat toast with lettuce and vegan mayo. Cup of herbal tea.

The lentil soup is a Rose Eliott recipe and it’s incredibly simple. We all love it very much as I make it all the time in the winter, there’s normally some in the freezer somewhere, which is where this lot came from! I also ate half a muffin that Little One didn’t want.

Dinner – Creamy Curried Chickpea Casserole, Kale, some fruit for pudding.

The casserole is from Vive Le Vegan and very nice. It says it make 5-6 portions but there is tons left, it will go nicely in pita for lunches. The kale was lightly sauteed from the recipe in Everyday Vegan although I didn’t have shallot so I just used white onion, the kale itself was from my allotment. The fruit was due to the fact that Little One didn’t eat very much and I refused to give him pudding so he had a meal of fruit instead, at least it was healthy…

Water count – I think I had 6 glasses, will have another before going upstairs, definitely didn’t have as much as yesterday.


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