Food Log – 22 Feb 06

Breakfast – cinnamon raisin bagel with margarine, 2 cups of black coffee

Lunch – half a tin of baked beans on 2 slices of wholewheat toast with margarine. Home made soya yoghurt with a bit of maple syrup and some dark chocolate chips, yum.

I’ve moved Little One over to soya yoghurt now, he’s also having flavoured soya milk for his breakfast. We went food shopping on Saturday and he still has an unopened pint of cows milk in the fridge so I’m happy with that. He still eats cheese when DH has it (nachos last night and pizza) but for lunches he has the soya cheese with me. I don’t think he’ll be 100% vegan until it’s his choice but if I can get him 90-95% I’ll be happy with that!

Dinner – Nachos, also had a few seaweed peanuts whilst cooking and 2 dates.

I made my nachos far too big a portion and then ate them all, I paid for it by feeling quite sick until I went to sleep, but lord they were tasty! I had refried beans, Mexican cheese sauce from Uncheese Cookbook, salsa (Pringles salsa is marked vegan over here, yum!), sliced black olives and home made guacamole (too much garlic in it, will use less next time).

Water count – about 7 I think, I lost count somewhere.


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