Sorry For The Silence

We went away over the weekend for a family do and I’ve just not had time to post to any of my blogs this week, I’m actually being productive on a few things which takes up my blogging time!

I somehow managed to loose another pound, I’ve no idea how but I’m claiming it! I hope to have another loss this week but we’ll see, I’ve been cooking today and therefore eating the cooking which won’t help matters.

This afternoon I felt like baking so I made Woolfies Peanut Butter Cookies from La Dolce Vegan, they came out really nicely, although I think I overcooked them a little as they were a bit hard so I will make sure I take them out earlier next time.

I then made Coconut and Banana Pudding, also from La Dolce Vegan, which we had for pudding tonight. It was nice, although a little rich for me and the coconut milk makes it kind of grey which was a bit disconcerting!

My final achievement this afternoon were the Carob Chip Muffins from Vive Le Vegan. I got some barley flour finally and so wanted to try something out with it! I didn’t put in the orange zest as we didn’t have any oranges as we’re not fond of them in this house and I also put in plain chocolate chunks rather than carob chips. They came out really well, the texture is very nice and both the boys enjoyed them as well which is the real test here!

For dinner tonight I made Chilibean Macaroni from Vegan Vittles which Little One loves. It’s a quick stand-by and so easy and tasty, we use that recipe a lot.

I don’t know if I’ll keep doing the Food Log, I will see how I get on for a few weeks without it, just trying to eat less without having to write it all down, if I slip up and don’t keep making progress I will go back to it though.


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