Food Log – 20 March 06

Breakfast – Cinnamon raisin bagel, 2 cups of black coffee. I really must make some more cereal or eat something different for breakfast, but damn I like those bagels…

Lunch – Leftover Chipotle Black Bean Corn Soup, small portion of Sweet Chili Kettle Chips, 1 white pita bread, large glass of water and a banana nut muffin. The soup is from Vive Le Vegan and damn it’s good stuff! I add more of the hot sauce and lots of lime juice to mine as the boys don’t like such strong flavours, I will be using this recipe a lot!

Dinner – Stir fry with brown rice noodles, large glass of water. This was a good stir fry, I’ve started buying beansprouts again after many year’s break and they seem nicer now than they used to, less bitter. I had a huge portion of this but as it’s mainly veg I don’t think it can be that bad for me!

Etc – 3 cups of herbal tea and I shall try not to have anything this evening, I’m so stuffed now I can’t imagine that I will want anything else!


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