Food Log – 21 March 06

Breakfast – 2 small banana nut muffins (Garden of Vegan), 2 cups of black coffee.

Lunch – 2 white pita bread with salad and vegan garlic mayo, large glass of apple and blackcurrent squash.

Dinner – Moroccan Tangine with Spring Vegetables (Vegan With A Vengeance) over cous cous, large glass of water.

Etc – 1 cup of herbal tea, 1 cup of Earl Grey Tea with soya milk, 1 Double Chocolate Muffin (La Dolce Vegan).

The Tangine was lovely but neither of the boys liked it. I haven’t cooked spinach as an adult and I always think of it as being slimey because that’s always how it is in lasagne and other pasta dishes that I’ve had. This recipe calls for you to put it in until wilted and then turn off the heat and leave the dish covered for 10 minutes and it was lovely! However, to avoid slimey I am going to have to have it for lunch for the next few days, this recipe really does serve 6-8, I wish I’d read that and halved it! I didn’t put in mint as none of mine is ready enough to chop and also no cilantro as I didn’t have any and can’t remember what it’s called over here anyway! I am sure this totally changed the taste of the dish but I liked it anyway!

The muffins are very nice, I used up the rest of the carob chips in them so they’re not really chocolate at all! I should have made 24 small ones instead of the 12 huge ones I did but my other muffin tin had 1/4 cup measures of applesauce freezing in it at the time! I always have frozen applesauce in 1 cup amounts and then have to look about for something else to make with what I’ve got left so I figured if I froze it in 1/4 cup measures I would be more likely to be able to get out and defrost just what I needed, my lord I’m clever sometimes! lol


So, what do you think?

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