Food Log – 22 March 06

Breakfast – Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel with margarine, 1 cup of black coffee.

Lunch – Leftover Moroccan Tangine with cous cous, large glass of water, chocolate muffin.

Dinner – Hawaiian Chicken from The New Vegan over white rice. Large glass of water. This recipe was really nice, we’ll be having it again. It says serves 6 but for us it did 4 servings, the mock chicken I used has 100g less than is called for and I used tinned pineapple instead of fresh and 2 whole peppers instead of half of 3 different colours. Very simple and very fast to cook! I emailed DH to buy white rice as I really wanted it with this dish and we only have brown in the house but he never got the email so he and Little One went and bought 2 portions of white rice from the Chinese Takeaway around the corner!

Etc – 3 cups of herbal tea, 8 long breadsticks (I got really hungry between lunch and dinner and wanted something savory and crunchy). I will either have another muffin or some popcorn as we’re watching a movie tonight and I like to pick while I view.


So, what do you think?

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