Food Log – 23 March 06

Breakfast – Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with margarine. 2 cups of black coffee.

Lunch – Leftover Hawaiian Chicken stuffed in a white pita bread and Moroccan Tangine stuffed in another white pita bread. Large glass of water. The chicken dish would be wonderful in tortillas with some melted cheese on it or with a bit of mexican spice I think, I will play with that one day!

Dinner – Chipotle Bean Burritos (Vive Le Vegan) and refried beans. Large glass of water. These were really nice, pity I was the only one who thought so! I would leave the foil off the top for longer next time as we prefer our tortillas to be a bit crunchy. The only change I made was to leave out the chile powder, we don’t do well with hot food here and I knew if I put all the hot sauce in (lovely stuff!) that I wouldn’t be able to get away with the chile too.

Etc – 3 cups of herbal tea, 1 packet of Japanese Seaweed Peanuts (not very healthy but DH bought them for me and I couldn’t resist them as they’re my favourites!).


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