Recipe Meme

I was tagged by Vegan Knitting (and then some) for this Meme on recipes. I’m not linking to the blog as it’s crashed Firefox on my computer 3 times now, not sure what’s going on with that…

Anyway, here goes:

* Where do you obtain the recipes you prepare?

I collect cookbooks from wherever I can get them cheap and print recipes off blogs and the internet. If someone mentions an interesting recipe from a cookbook I’ve not heard of I tend to add the book to my list. Each month I do a menu of main meals which means I sit down with my books and printed pages and figure out what we’re going to eat so I know what to buy.

* How often do you cook a new recipe?

At least once a week if not more, last night I tried 2! My menu’s are made up of a few old favourites (I try and rotate those so we don’t have the same every month) and a good sprinkling of new things to try.

* Where do you store your favourite recipes?

All my recipe books are on shelves in the kitchen, I’ve posted pictures of those. Recipes to try are on a shelf as well and then tried and tested recipes are now being written into a little blank recipe book I bought. I write in all my cookbooks so I know what I’ve tried, any changes that I made (I cross stuff off or amend the amount in the book) and whether we liked it or not so I know whether to make it again!

* How large is your recipe pile? Is it organized? How?

The pile of stuff to try is pretty damn big, as is the collection of books, but I’ll get there one day! I’m pretty anal about organizing my cooking stuff as I’m sure you’ve noticed from the pictures I’ve posted on here!

* What is the oldest recipe in your to try pile?

I’m sure there are some really old ones! I actually went through last month and threw out all the vegetarian ones with cheese etc in them that couldn’t be veganized, and I cleared out a folder full of stuff I had forgotten I had so the stack is still big but more up to date!

Old in another sense I have recipes from my Great Great Grandmother that I want to try out sometime!

* What is one new recipe that you’re scared to try?

I’m not really scared to try anything, the reason I don’t try things tends to either be due to the time it takes, the cost or availability of the ingredients or whether I think DH and Little One will eat it. No point spending hours making something and have them both turn their noses up at it! I want to bake bread and that’s what came to mind when I read the question, but that isn’t really scared it’s more a time/space issue. I don’t have a child friendly kitchen or anywhere with a steady constant heat that’s required for the rising of the bread and I can also never guarantee that I will be free in x hours to finish it off due to my life being at the whim of a small person! I will do it though, when the weather is warmer I will cook some bread at a weekend when DH can keep Little One occupied.

I guess if I am scared to try stuff it’s mainly due to heat versus spicy. We like well spiced food here but we’re not fans of too much heat so I tend to omit all chilies from recipes and add a lot less chili powder or cayenne etc than the recipe calls for. The fact that I have to amend the recipes means that I don’t cook as many of them as I’d like to.

I’m not going to specifically tag anyone but if you want to answer you can say I tagged you! :o)


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