Day 1 Food Log

Breakfast – 1 banana and 1 tinned peach with 1 tsp of flax seed and 100ml of low fat soya milk blended together. Bowl of oatmeal (no salt and made with water) with some maple syrup. 2 cups of black coffee.*

Lunch – Bowl of salad with some no fat salad dressing. 3 rice cakes with kidney bean spread on them (from the 12 Day book), large glass of water.

Snack – 2 more rice cakes with kidney bean spread, cup of chamomile tea.

Dinner – wholewheat pasta with home made sauce (onions, garlic, peppers, tinned tomatoes, passata and tomato puree, bit of sugar (bit too much as I tipped the jar too far so had to add salt which I didn’t want to do), no oil), one and a half large glasses of water, a fingerfull of Little One’s Birthday Cake Icing (hey, I made the damn thing and at least it wasn’t a piece!).

Evening – cup of herbal tea.

My blood sugar dropped really really low around 12.30pm which didn’t combine well with my caffeine intake, while I was making my lunch at around 1pm I was really shaking hard which was a bit annoying. I started to feel the same around 4.30 so I had the rice cakes to tide me over until dinner which was around 6-6.30. I didn’t have snacks made up and ready to go today which was a mistake but I was busy with Little One’s Birthday yesterday and didn’t have time. I also think that the lunch wasn’t substantial enough so I cooked extra pasta for pasta salad which will be a more bulky meal for lunch tomorrow and I will keep the rice cakes and spread for snacks. I wished I hadn’t had both pieces of fruit for breakfast so I may keep the smoothie for a mid-morning snack in future, I think the fact I had that and maple syrup raised my blood sugar and caused the crash to be much more severe than normal.

I need to have my breakfast planned in advance as well because this morning’s oatmeal was simply the first thing I found to make. I got an interesting sounding cous cous breakfast recipe today from a Blog that I think I will have tomorrow.

Hardest thing to do today was not pick at Little One’s leftovers and not lick my fingers when I got things like margarine and jam on them when I was fixing his food!

* I am willing to give up a lot of things and change my diets in many ways but my coffee vice stays. I have pledged to myself to only drink caffeine in the mornings though and after lunch I will stick to herbal teas and water. Maybe one day I’ll give up the coffee but having given up smoking a few years back (which I still miss almost daily) and now trying to give up sugar, processed foods and fat something has to stay! I do however now have my coffee black whereas originally I had it white with 2 sugars so I’ve made advancements!


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