Try Try ‘gain*

Today I am starting to McDougall. I have to admit I’m still a little bit confused about exactly what I can and can’t have (I have the 12 days book and the Maximum Weightloss Book plus the New Cookbook) but I will get there in the end. The major weightloss I’ve managed in my life has always been through low fat diets so I am now embarking on a low fat lifestyle, I want to change my eating habits for life rather than just until I loose the weight.

I think what confuses me about the plan is that there isn’t a huge amount in my diet that I need to change, whereas in the past I’ve had to change almost everything I eat. I’ve been vegan for almost 2 years now and I don’t eat a lot of junk food, so they’re not things that I need to change now. What I do need to change is the amount of fat I eat (get rid of as much as I can) and the amount of wholegrains that I eat (include a lot more of these) and hopefully that will be the bump that my body needs to get to the weight it should be.

I have been eating like all get out for the past fortnight since I decided that I would start this plan when we did our monthly food shop so I ate my way through all the stuff that wouldn’t fit with the plan and made a whole bunch of cookies so that I’m all cookied out and won’t want one for a while. Oddly enough though I’ve not gained any weight even though I feel a lot bigger, I’m not complaining though!

So, those of you who are on the plan or who have done the plan and probably understand it better than me please leave comments or pointers and tell me when I’m getting it wrong so that I can nip it in the bud and get it right.

I’m going to be trying to make some other changes to my life, I think Spring Fever has kicked in and made me all optimistic and motivated so hopefully this eating plan is just the start of good things to come. I’m feeling positive about it and looking forward to changing the way I eat and feeling healthier, hopefully there will be a whole lot of weight going bye bye as well!

* The lady on the recorded message says ‘Please replace the handset and try again’ when you’ve had the phone off the hook for too long. Little One has heard this message an awful lot, so when he wants to repeat something or see something once more he says ‘try try ‘gain’.


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