Day 2 Food Log

Breakfast – Breakfast Cous Cous from 28 Cooks I did change the recipe slightly, I forgot to add the milk (it would have been very sloppy with it anyway I think) and I only put in 1 tablespoon of sugar instead of 2 and it was plenty sweet. I am still not sure whether it was meant to be for 2 people, but as I was hungry again at 11.30 I think it was 1 portion for my stomach! 1 and a half cups of black coffee.

Snack – smoothie made from 1 banana, half a tinned peach, a small handfull of frozen summer berries and the unsweetened fruit juice from the tin of peaches. Yummy.

Lunch – wholewheat pasta with cucumber, celery, yellow pepper, spring onion and fat free salad dressing plus a handful of green flageolet beans which went really well and were lovely. Large glass of water.

Snack – 4 Japanese Garlic rice crackers that we’d just bought from the International Supermarket. These things are lovely, yum!

Dinner – Black Bean, Corn Chipotle Soup from Vive Le Vegan with baked corn tortilla as chips as in the McDougall New Cookbook. I left the sun dried tomatoes out as the ones I have are in oil and I also didn’t put in salt, but it was as lovely as ever and there’s plenty left for lunches. They chips were fabulous and very very easy, I will definitely be making these again. I did 2 small tortillas which made 16 chips, Little One ate 3 of them though! Had one final bit of icing of Little One’s Birthday cake, it’s all gone now so no more temptation there. 2 large glasses of water.

Evening – cup of herbal tea (maybe 2, it’s early!)

11.30am is obviously when I need to make sure I have a snack to hand as it’s when I start to feel a bit shaky, I find it odd that I’m eating healthy food and I’m hungrier than when I wasn’t…

Stocked up today on the rest of the pulses and more rice crackers from my favourite store so I have everything I should need. I’ve got my monthly menu and a list of breakfasts and lunches to work from, I just need to make sure that if I want soup I have time to make it and things like that.

I forgot to say yesterday that I walked the dog for 15-20 minutes so I even got some exercise, yay me!


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