Day 5 Food Log

Breakfast – Breakfast rice with fruit from the 12 Day book using leftover rice from last night. This was quite nice, I’m sure I’ll have it again. 1 cup of black coffee.

Snack – 5 garlic rice cakes, cup of earl grey tea with soya milk.

Lunch – White bean spread in home made pita bread with salad on top. The pita were my first go using the recipe from Garden of Vegan. I think it was written for white flour though as they were a bit heavy with the brown/barley combination I tried and I didn’t get 3/4 of a cup of flour into the mix! They were nice though so I will try another recipe when I’ve eaten the 6 I’ve got in the freezer. I made up the spread from a combination of recipes from the 12 Day book and it was quite nice, have half of it left. Glass of water.

Snack – the last 4 garlic rice cakes.

Dinner – Quinoa and Black Bean Burgers from my new burger book (a bit bland) with baked sweet potato and regular potato chunks (no oil or salt, the burgers were broiled on tin foil that I rubbed a small bit of oil onto but not very much at all). I had Hoisin sauce on my burgers which added some flavour to them. Glass of no sugar added lemon squash as I was fed up with water!

Evening – cup of herbal tea, I’m actually starting to feel hungry but I’m really tired so I’m going to bed instead of eating!


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