Day 6 Food Log

Breakfast – Oatmeal with maple syrup. 1 and a half cups of black coffee.

Lunch – Salad with oil free dressing, 3 brown rice crackers with bean spread from yesterday. Large glass of water.

Snack – smoothie made from 1 banana, 1 tinned pear, a handful of frozen berries and 150ml of low fat soya milk plus a bit of vanilla, very nice!

Dinner – Soul-full Chili from The Everyday Vegan over leftover brown and wild rice. This is the most technicolour food I’ve eaten in a while and it made a big huge pot! I didn’t have enough chili powder though so it’s not quite chili enough for me but I can add Chipotle Tabasco and make it so. There are tons of leftovers of this, I’m planning some for lunch tomorrow with some baked corn tortilla chips. Large glass of water.

Evening – cup of herbal tea


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