Day 7 Food Log

Breakfast – Oatmeal with maple syrup and 1 cup of black coffee.

Lunch – Leftover chilli with 2 corn tortillas baked to make chips. Large glass of water.

Snack – banana

Dinner – Sunflower Lentil Pie from Vive Le Vegan (no oil) with sweetcorn and potatoes mashed with a little low fat soya milk. Large glass of water.

Evening – piece of Rhubarb Loaf and 2 cups of herbal tea.

I made the Rhubarb Loaf from How It All Vegan with some modifications. I used 1.5 cups of barley flour and 1 cup of white flour (still not confident subbing wholemeal flour), I used applesauce (home made) instead of the oil called for and 1/4 of a cup less chopped nuts. It came out really well I think, it’s not an overly sweet loaf (half a cup of sugar in the recipe) but it’s enjoyable. I’m feeling more of a need for sugar at the end of the first week, I guess that’s pretty usual though.

Last night I had 2 slices of wholemeal toast with peanut butter on them, I had a real craving for the pnb and it tasted so nice…

Anyway, tomorrow I will weigh and measure. I don’t think I’ve lost any weight which is disappointing but we’ll see if I lost any inches. From now on weekdays I’ll be walking to and from the school twice a day which is about 2 miles total. 1 mile of that will be at a 3 year old’s pace but the other mile I can walk fast and get the heartrate up, it’s exercise so it can’t be bad!


So, what do you think?

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