Week 2 Stats

Well, I lost another pound this week, was hoping for more but I guess it wasn’t to be. What’s pretty amazing though is the inches lost, I think the walking must be having a good effect already as I lost a whole 4 inches this week! I had to keep double checking my measurements, particularly my bust and waist which both lost an impressive three quarters of an inch!

I stuck to the plan pretty well this week I think except for one day when I had a pizza with 2 slices of Tofutti cheese on it. Even then it was mainly just the white crust and the cheese that were the problem as it was just vegetables and tomato sauce on it. I bought myself a bag of pretzels to snack on and it’s lasted me about 5 days which is pretty good going considering that I used to eat a whole bag in one go, it gives me the salt and crunch that I need so I will be getting a few bags when we do our monthly shop. I also made some oat bars from Vive Le Vegan and some Chocolate Chip muffins from the same (with barley flour) which I’ve put in the freezer for those moments when I have to have something sweet, I was having sugar cravings so it was best to have something healthily sweet in the house rather than eat junk. I bought myself a box of low fat high fibre cereal as well which has helped with breakfast, especially now that we have limited time to get out of the house and it’s getting hotter, I’ve been having it with a banana on and rice milk and it’s been great to have something so fast.

So, I will keep going for another week. My DH said that last time I lost weight it was slow to start with and then picked up, I don’t remember it that way but as he has a head for trivia I’ll believe him and hope that my body will get the idea and start loosing the pounds more quickly soon. I know that a pound a week is a good healthy way to loose weight, I guess what frustrates me is thinking that at this rate it will take 33 weeks to get to where I think I want to be, that’s a damn long time…..

But, I’m happy with the inches for sure, I just need to keep reminding myself that while I can enjoy being a bit thinner and celebrate my achievements so far I’m still not actually thin, sometimes I feel ‘thin for me’ and loose sight of the final objective.


So, what do you think?

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