More Books

A couple of days ago I received this in the post:

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Olivia who used to work for Lantern Books but now works for Super Vegan sent me a free copy of the book which was incredibly nice of her. I’ve not had time to go right through it yet but I intend to very soon!

Today I ordered a copy of Eat To Live from Amazon Marketplace. It’s the 2003 version so hopefully it’s not too out of date, they did have a 2005 version but none at low enough prices for me. Everyone who’s commented said they combine Eat To Live with McDougall so I figure it’s worth a read!

I am still McDougalling, but I am in that difficult third week where the enthusiasm and willpower are failing and it’s hard work to stay on track. I’ve had good days and bad days, and good days with 1 bad meal and so forth but I’m still feeling like I’m doing ok. The reason I’m interested in ETL is that it seems like more of a change to my diet. I commented when I started McDougall that I didn’t know if it would make much difference because I really wasn’t changing my diet that much and I stand by that 3 weeks in. All I have changed is reducing the fat right back and cutting down on sugar and processed foods. I am not convinced that this is change enough to loose the weight I need to, I am basically eating mainly the same things that I did before and if I wasn’t loosing weight then, how will I do it now? Anyway, we’ll see when the book gets here what it’s like.

I am going to buy myself another cookbook this month as well, I’ve chosen this one purely because it’s the cookbook I’ve had on my Amazon wishlist for the longest time, anyone got any comments on it?

I think that’s about it for me really, I do need to correct my inchloss though, I miscounted last week by a quarter of an inch, so I lost 3 and three quarter inches rather than 4, I’m not so good at math first thing in the morning!

Thanks for all the comments and encouragement, they really do help!


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