Week 3 Stats

This week wasn’t the best for sticking to the plan, I had a lot more ‘treats’ than I should have, I refuse to call it cheating because it’s an eating plan rather than a diet. Anyway, for some bizarre reason that didn’t seem to matter and I lost 2lbs this week! I only lost 1.5 inches, I say ‘only’, I guess I’m comparing it to last week which was pretty amazing in terms of inches! It looks like I can either loose a lot of weight or a lot of inches but not both in the same week!

I am hoping that the Eat To Live book will be here soon, it said it had shipped. I have to do my monthly menu tonight and tomorrow so it would be nice to have a flick through and see if there’s anything I need to pick up or not.

This week I ate a lot less vegetables and salads than I did last week. I am still finding lunch hard, it’s either leftovers or salad which gets pretty dull. I don’t like spending ages cooking lunch either, I want it ready when I am, so I need to look into making something while I’m cooking dinner so that it’s ready the next day. I’ve got a few ideas, like 3 Bean Salad and Pasta Salad (although I so much prefer pasta salad with mayo) so I will have to get working on that. Besides that though I’m pretty happy with the plan, I’m finding lower fat versions of things that we normally have, like the lowest fat Biscuits I could find (4 Tbsp of shortening in the whole batch as opposed to the half a cup of margarine in other recipes) and corn bread with 1 Tbsp of oil in the whole recipe.

I have 2 questions this week though if anyone can help.

1. I’m still confused over ‘low fat’. When I look at a packet and it says 2g of fat per serving is that high or is it low? Is there anywhere I can read about this?

2. Tofu. MWLP says cut out tofu but I’m not so sure about the 12 Day. I see a lot of people using tofu on the mailing lists etc. Bear in mind that you can’t get low fat tofu over here, it’s just regular stuff, in fact I can only get medium firmness regular and medium firmness silken full stop, no firm or soft tofu anywhere I’ve ever looked…

Thanks for any help!


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