All Ready To Go

We went to the supermarket tonight for our monthly shop and for vegetables which I hope will last me almost 2 weeks on ETL (Eat To Live).

This is the fruit (and also evidence of what a toddler can do to your speaker covers…)

Image Hosted by

My banana loving son is very excited to see so many in the house!

This is my fridge:

Image Hosted by

Three shelves and the crisper are totally stuffed, this is what wouldn’t fit

Image Hosted by

I am going to aim for 90% to start with (which is the maintenance plan but still a ton more healthily than I have been eating) at least until we clear out everything that isn’t on plan from the house. I know from experience as well that if I try and deny myself all baked goods I just crash, so I have recipes for wholewheat ones and will try and limit the amount of those I have.

I also have a drawer in the freezer stuffed with frozen vegetables and another stuffed with frozen fruit so I’m feeling like I have enough choice. I need to make sure that I keep on top of making stuff and don’t just rely on salad after salad or else I will be bored and not stick to the plan. I would like to have fruit for breakfast (perhaps with a blended salad) and then salad or a vegetable dish of some sort for lunch. For dinner I intend to eat 70% of the time what the boys are having, a small portion with a large side of vegetables and the rest of the time I will be having mainly vegetables with some grain or rice and they will be having the things they love like burgers, sausages, hot dogs and pizza (all vegetarian naturally!).

I really want to make this work, besides boredom the only other thing I can think that may hold me back is finances, this could get expensive, although we only spent what we normally do tonight as I cut back on other things knowing I was spending so much on vegetables plus I picked up some great end of shelflife bargains that still have enough life left in them for me to eat them.

So, tomorrow is the start day, I’ll post in the evening and also check my stats as I will now weigh and measure on a Tuesday. Fingers crossed it goes ok!


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