Back To The Food Log

Just until I get confident about what I’m doing!

Breakfast – 1 and a half bananas (Little One had the other half!), 1 mango, grapefruit pieces (tinned), large handful of summer fruits blended with some rice milk, 1tbsp flax seed and 4oz of spinach. This filled over 2 large glasses! I don’t think I will always blend my breakfast, I like to chew food and never mentally feel ‘full’ after just having a drink for a meal.

Lunch – My MIL brought me a salad which was 8oz so I added more cucumber and a carrot to make it up to 12oz. I put butterbeans on top for my daily quota and had some low calorie dressing which turned out not to be fat free like I thought but I’m the only one who’ll eat that stuff here so I have to use it up. Pity it’s not fat free as it’s lovely! Had a large glass of water and a cup of rooibus tea with vanilla afterwards. I also had a banana (minus a few bites Little One snagged) and a couple of strawberries in the afternoon as I felt I wanted to eat even though I wasn’t hungry.

Dinner – 8oz green beans as Greek Style Green Beans from Easy Vegan Cooking. I had these over a cup of cous cous but, to be honest, I think I ate about a quarter cup of cous cous as I was stuffed! I had 8oz of cabbage which I sauteed (no oil) with some garlic and 1oz of almonds as I realised I didn’t have any nuts today. I did add about 1tsp of soy sauce to the cabbage to give it a bit more flavour. Also had a large glass of water.

So, I’ve had my raw veg 1lb, cooked green veg 1lb, 4 pieces of fruit (minimum), beans and some of my starch. Not a bad start. Hopefully I can keep the snacking monster at bay this evening and be ready for a good second day as well. I’m absolutely stuffed full at the moment so I can’t see myself being hungry later. I will have a couple of cups of herbal tea this evening as well as per usual.

As for the weigh in, I haven’t gained any weight back amazingly but I have gained about an inch, a little here and a little there, hopefully I’m on the way down again now though!


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