Second Time Around

Breakfast: The rest of the tinned grapefruit, an apple and a smoothie that had 2 bananas, a handfull of frozen summer berries, 4oz of spinach and a cup of rice milk. Again the smoothie took 2 large glasses! I think I need to find a way to reduce it a bit as I will be in the toilet all day if I keep consuming that amount of liquid! Had a cup of rooibus and vanilla tea as well.

Lunch: 1lb of salad with 1 cup of chickpeas on top as well as 1oz of mixed seeds I bought from the supermarket today. The seeds had soy sauce in them but I’m actually more concerned with the rest of my diet than with reducing my already very low salt intake. I had the not oil free but low fat salad dressing on it again and it was lovely, I’m still stuffed and it’s 4pm! I have figured out that I need to include a carrot or cauliflower or something else heavy like that to cut down on the bulk of what I eat, there’s a huge difference between 1lb of lettuce and 1lb of carrot but they both pretty much fill you up! Had a large glass of water and 2 cups of herbal tea as well.

Dinner – I forgot that I had 4oz of spinach for breakfast when I did my lunch so although it wasn’t cooked I’m counting it towards my green vegetables. We had stir fry so baby sweetcorn, water chestnuts, cooked carrot and some green tea noodles counted as my starch (probably more than a cup, I didn’t measure) plus courgette and mange tout towards my green vegetables and peppers and onions because they’re nice! I had 8oz of Chinese Cabbage stir fried on it’s own (no oil in any of the stir frying) as well to make up the full green vegetable quota. We did use stir fry sauce which won’t be on plan as from the taste of it there’s oil, soy sauce and sugar in it, but we all really like it so I used it as per usual, I need a bit of taste in my vegetables.

I will have another couple of cups of herbal tea tonight and call it another not bad day! The only down side so far is that I had a total energy crash around 5pm. I wasn’t hungry at all (how could I be after all that salad?) but I could have put my head down and had a nice nap. I’ve perked up since dinner but it was really odd, I’ve not been that tired in a long while. Hopefully it’s nothing serious though, just my body adjusting to the new diet.


So, what do you think?

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