Day Three

Breakfast: Smoothie of one and a half banana, 1 tinned peach and some fresh strawberries with a little rice milk. 1 large apple cut up into eigths and a cup of rooibus and vanilla tea to go with the smoothie. Decided to cut the greens for a day and try and fit them in later, the salad for lunch yesterday was so nice that I’m looking forward to it again so it will fill my 1lb of raw veggies no problems! Had another cup of the rooibus tea later on.

Lunch: 1lb of veggies as a salad with more of the same dressing (enough for 1 more day in the bottle now), the other half of the packet of seeds and a tin of kidney beans on top. I am really enjoying these salads at the moment, I need to keep a variety of vegetables in them though so I don’t get bored. Had a large glass of water with lunch as well.

Dinner: Curried Squash Soup from Garden of Vegan. The squash, sweet potato and potato in this counted as my starch for the day. It also has leeks and cauliflower in it so I counted those as 4oz of cooked green vegetables and had 12oz of cooked broccoli on the side. I put a bit of soy sauce on the broccoli to liven it up a bit, probably could have done without it so I won’t bother next time. Large glass of water.

This evening I’ve just had 1 cup of herbal tea and I just had a banana as I was getting those just before bedtime munchies! I would really love a big bowl of popcorn now but it’s no fun without the fat on it so I will go to bed and try to forget about it!


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