Four Four FOUR*

Breakfast: Smoothie with 1 banana, about 8 strawberries (all gone now), 1 canned peach, 1 tbsp of flax seed (I must get around to grinding some now I have room in the fridge to store it because it’s a bit crunchy when you throw it in whole) and 1 fresh mango. I also ate half a banana (Little One had the other half) and had a cup of rooibus and vanilla tea. We had breakfast late so I wasn’t worried about ‘filling up until lunch’ as we’ll have about an hour less than we normally do between meals.

Lunch: 1lb of salad and veggies with the end of the not fat free dressing plus 1 cup of black beans on top and 2oz of avocado which turned out to be exactly half of the one that was ripe. This was another really nice salad, I mixed in some spinach with it to make a change from just plain lettuce. Large glass of water.

Dinner: Cous cous with 1lb of mixed cauliflower and cabbage on top with a ‘cheese’ sauce recipe from The Uncheese Cookbook. The sauce didn’t have any oil in it but it did have flour and tahini so I am thinking I will cut back on some starch and leave out nuts one day to make up for having those on top of my quotas for today. It was very nice though, very simple and tasty. Had a large glass of water too.

So, another good day and so far no cheating which is great for me, I am planning a treat for Tuesday if I manage to do a full week without cheating at all, sort of a reward, something to look forward to! If it doesn’t set me off back down the road to eating badly I will do this each week and it will allow me to have my baked goods while still following the plan at all other times.

*Little One repeats numbers when he sees them, so we never just get ‘four’ we always have ‘four four FOUR’.


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