Still Going Strong

No, I’ve not fallen off the wagon, I just don’t get a chance to get posting over the weekend sometimes!

Saturday we went out for the day and I was really good and packed my lunch to take (we all had packed lunch but Little One and DH got treats while we were out and I didn’t succumb!).

Breakfast: I had fruit salad as I’d read that it filled you up more than a smoothie, I was hungry by 11.30 so I guess it’s not the case for me!
Lunch: 1lb of salad with a tin of borlotti beans and half an avocado plus fat free dressing and some fizzy flavoured water.
Dinner: This was a bit off plan. I had made lasagne a few weeks back from Nonna’s Italian Cookbook and there was so much that I made 2 small lasagnes from it and stuck one in the freezer. I’m pretty sure I used oil in it and that the white sauce had oil in it too and there was vegan parmesan in it as well. The pasta was wholemeal so I counted that as my starch for the day and I had green beans with it.

Yesterday was a better on plan all day day!
Breakfast: Smoothie and grapefruit with a cup of tea.
Lunch: 1lb of salad with a tin of kidney beans and low fat dressing.
Dinner: Sunflower Lentil pie, I counted the sunflower seeds as my nuts and the oats as some of my starch. We had home grown potatoes with it and I had courgettes as my green veg. Very nice meal!

I will post today’s food log as a different post to keep track of stuff, tomorrow is weigh in day and I’m hoping for a loss of some sort, I don’t think it will be dramatic like the book claims, there is a big difference from coming from the Standard American Diet to the plan and a vegan diet so I wasn’t expecting the huge drop, anything downwards is good I keep telling myself!


So, what do you think?

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