First Week ETL Results

This week I lost 2lbs and 2 inches, not a bad result although I was hoping for a pound more at the very least, but I guess once again it’s the difference between changing from the SAD to one of these plans and a not too unhealthy vegan diet to the plans that means less weightloss.

Yesterday I stayed on plan, fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch with the leftover sunflower lentil pie and then 3 bean curry soup (Everyday Vegan) and brussel sprouts for dinner.

Today I am going to have some chocolate chip cookies later on from Vive Le Vegan, they recipe is wonderful and we all love it, plus it doesn’t make a whole ton of them so I know that come tomorrow lunchtime they’ll all be gone and won’t be sitting there calling me! I hope that having a treat each week to look forward to will cover the bases with both my wanting something sweet and my desire to bake, I do really miss not making my usual baked goods.

So far I’m happy with the plan, it’s nice to know I’m eating healthily and doing good things for my body, I can see that in another couple of weeks I will need to mix it up a bit more as tons of salad isn’t going to do it for me forever, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it and have plenty of cookbooks for ideas! The only change I’m going to make is to cut down on the starches/grains, try to only have them 3 or 4 days a week maximum. On the ETL mailing list a lot of people said that cutting down on starches and grains helped them to loose better so it’s worth a go, I’m not a huge starch fan anyway, except for pasta which I have on the menu twice to come this week and the fact that I am growing a ton of potatoes on the allotment!

So there you go, it wasn’t too hard to follow the plan and I am enjoying it and it has worked so far, we’ll see what happens next week.


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