Second Week Results

I bet my 3 readers think that I’ve fallen off the wagon! I haven’t though, this week wasn’t as much on the plan as last but that’s to do more with the weather than with eating bad stuff. It’s been so hot here that I just haven’t felt like eating so I haven’t been having my greens for the last few days. Yesterday I didn’t eat dinner until 9pm and I had potato salad, much more than I should have done but they were home grown potatoes and they were lovely. I also had 2 frozen orange juice ice lollies in order to cool down!

Anyway, I lost another 2 lbs and 2 and a half inches this week so I’m very happy and I’ll be sticking with the plan again this week, trying to get back on track but cut down on the starches. My treat today will be cake, both DH and Little One have wanted cake for ages and I’ve not made one so I’m going to do that later, they will finish it off in a day or two so I won’t need too much willpower to avoid it after I have a huge slice this evening!

It is going to be harder the next 2 weeks to keep up with the raw veggies as we always run short of cash at the end of the month before payday but I will try my best and stock up next week. I have a ton of frozen veggies in the freezer for my greens so I’ll be ok there, I’m running short of tinned fruit though so I will need to buy a few more of those.

Anyway, it’s working!


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