Week 3 ETL

I had a not so good week this week, I still managed to loose a pound but I was picking at all sorts of food I shouldn’t have been and didn’t feel like I stuck to the plan well enough. I didn’t go off the rails in a big way but I did have ‘treats’ that I shouldn’t have had and didn’t really need and I had a meal out which had a lot of vegetables with it but also roast potatoes, lots of gravy and a huge slice of nut roast. I actually felt guilty eating them and didn’t really enjoy them which I hope will mean that in the future when I feel like I really want similar things I won’t bother to eat them.

However, I still lost weight and I also lost another 2.5″ so it wasn’t all bad and I obviously stuck to the plan enough to make a difference which gives me hope that if I get back on track this week I will get another 2lbs off next week.

I went through my bag of clothes that were too small this morning. I have 3 lots of clothes, what fits me now, what’s too big and I’m saving for when we have another baby and what’s too small that I’m working to get back into! I was really happily surprised to be able to take some underwear, 1 pair of trousers and 2 sweaters out of the ‘too small’ bag. I also tried on my favourite jeans and they are wearable around the thighs but my ‘baby belly’ means that they won’t do up. I’m still thrilled though and excited that in the next few months I should be able to get back into stuff that I really like wearing. Today I am wearing a skirt that I made to take on holiday 2 years ago but it was too small and it has never fit me since. I tried it on a few weeks back and it was still too tight and as I was trying things on this morning I figured I’d give it another go, and it actually fits me finally! It’s stuff like that which keeps me sticking to a plan, I want to be a specific size more than a specific weight (although I know what I weighed last time I fit that size so I can also see that way how far I need to go) and these clothes are good indicators of how far I’ve come and how much further I need to go.

So, I still have 19lbs to go until I reach my first big target, my smaller target is in 5lbs and I will do something to celebrate that when I reach it.

I treated myself to some nice products from Lush last week. I like their stuff but was never sure what was vegan and what wasn’t, plus they are a little out of my price range. However, I had a little bit of ‘spare’ money so I decided to get some products for my hair to make it less frizzy (it works!), something to wash my face with (not so sure about this one, will try something different when I finish this one off) and some moisturiser. I have been using Original Source products as they are all marked vegan but I didn’t like all the chemicals in them, I have found that the UK Lush website shows you what is vegan (they actually have a vegan section) so I did my shopping list from that and just went into the store to pick up what I had listed. I bought little bottles and when I run out I will pick up a larger bottle of each, although the shampoo has a really short shelf life so perhaps little bottles are best for that. I also got a solid deodorant which is the best one I’ve tried so far, it’s called Teo and smells of lemons, really nice. I have bit problems finding good eco friendly, body friendly and vegan deodorants (not anti-perspirants, you’re supposed to sweat, it’s perfectly normal and happens for a reason…) so it’s nice to get my hands on this one. They are also doing a promotion where if you take in your old deodorant they will give you a powder one for free so DH has my almost empty bottle to take in (a US eco friendly one that I can’t remember the company name of but it was useless stuff) and I will have another one to try for free!

So, today I am excited and hyped to keep going on ETL. With the hot weather I’ve had trouble eating all my cooked green vegetables as I just don’t get as hungry when it’s hot but I am eating my fruit, nuts, raw vegetables and grains (just a few times a week for these). I have given up on my monthly menu for now and am just buying lots of vegetables and other bits I know I will use and figuring out during the day what to cook, last night I made a mexican inspired vegetable mix with chipotle hot sauce in it and some ‘chicken’ strips (off plan but I had a taste for them…) and wrapped them in wholewheat tortillas (small ones so I had 3) with some salsa, it was very nice indeed! My treats today are Diane’s Stork Muffins from Vive Le Vegan as I have 2 bags of cranberries that need using up and actually have all the ingredients in the house for a change (although I will use wholewheat flour instead of kamut as I’ve never ever seen that in any shop I’ve been in). Little One can have the leftover ones for lunches, I stick the muffins in the freezer after they’re made so they don’t go off and we pull out and microwave what we need.

Here’s to week 4!


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