Another Week

I am totally surprised to have lost any weight this week. I had the worst period I’ve had in forever and ate 2 of the Stork Muffins (wonderful things by the way!) each night until they were all gone, plus I had more starch than I should have a couple of times (home grown new potatoes, yum). However, I am a pound down this week, despite yesterday being 1lb over, I guess you can’t really tell what’s going on until the full week is done!

I also lost another 2 inches, I think I need to go down a size soon in my favourite skirt pattern because I made one the other day which is a bit loose on me, yippee! This is the great thing about making your own clothes, you just change sizes as you get smaller or bigger, no hassle trying to find shop sizes that fit!

So, this coming week I am determined to stick to the plan as much as I can. Little One and I are making cupcakes this afternoon as the weekly treat and my sister and BIL are coming to stay this weekend but I’m sure if I plan well I can do it. At the moment I am probably doing 85% on plan which isn’t bad at all but I want it closer to 95% at least until I’ve lost the weight I want to, 4lbs to go until the first goal is reached, if I work hard I can be there in 2 weeks.


So, what do you think?

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