First Try With the Spicy Vegan

I decided to try out my new Spicy Vegan cookbook tonight. Rather than make it easy on myself I picked out four recipes and decided to do an Indian feast, the Chapattis dropped by the wayside early on replaced by much quicker and easier puppadoms but I did manage to make the other 3 dishes and dinner was only 10 minutes late, so not too bad!

Potatoes and Cauliflower (Aaloo Gobhi) – This was pretty easy to make although my crappy burn everything to the bottom saucepans meant that I had to add water to it therefore it was a bit blander than it should have been. The recipe called for 3-4 green chilies but after tasting 1 tiny bit of one of the ‘mild’ chilies I bought I decided to cut way way back and I only put in a quarter (we like spice, not heat). It could have done with more though and if I make it again I will go for half a chili and see how that tastes. Little One liked the potatoes in this, it was DH’s least favourite of the dishes I made.

Masoor Daal – We’re big daal fans in this house so it was only natural for me to pick one to try out first! This was really nice, it has a Tarka (fried spices mixture) that you add into it which added a lot of flavour. It was quite soupy but the recipe said that was right and it tasted fine. I put half a chili in this and it was just the right amount of spice. We have enough left for a side dish for another Indian Meal in the freezer which is great, nice quick dinner one night! DH really liked this dish.

Mixed Vegetable Pilau – I figured out just as I sat down to eat why rice dishes like this recipe which say that when the water is absorbed the dish is done never work for me, it’s because I use brown basmati rather than white, took me long enough to figure that out! This was really tasty although a little sticky due to the brown rice issue. I used a quarter of a chili but again it could have gone up to a half with no problems. I’m sure I will make this again.

So, I will talk more about the diet (what diet??) and some vegan thoughts I have running around my head in some posts soon. I really want to start putting down my thoughts on food and my cooking experiences so that I have a record so hopefully I will be using this blog more than I have been in the future.


So, what do you think?

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