Thanksgiving and Ribs

I cooked the packet mix of veggie ribs that I bought in Food Fight for our supper 2 nights ago along with some mashed potatoes and sweetcorn. The box calls for ‘1 cup of your favourite bbq sauce’, which kind of threw me as we don’t bbq and thus have no favourite sauce! I looked at a few in the supermarket that weren’t even vegetarian let along vegan and then suddenly thought to myself ‘with all the stuff you make there is no way you don’t have a recipe for bbq sauce’.

Flicking through the cookbooks I came up with a really nice recipe from Garden of Vegan, I added about 1 Tbsp of extra maple syrup to it as it was a little harsh and I was feeding it to a toddler but it came out great and I will be using it again I’m sure. The ribs were nice, I think that they should have perhaps been cooked a little bit longer and next time I try ribs I might baste them with the sauce before I put them in the oven for the first time as I like that baked sauce taste but we all liked them, even Little One once he got used to how much he had to chew them!

I did Thanksgiving dinner last night inspired by stuff I’d been reading on blogs. I did fake turkey (it’s made by Redwood Foods) just plain, we’re pretty traditional for holidays in that we want the plain mock meat with the side dishes rather than some fancy main dish. Along with the ‘turkey’ I did green bean casserole using the vegweb recipe everyone has been talking about, sweet potatoes boiled and then mashed with marg and maple syrup, stuffing (from a box, didn’t have the energy to think of making it from scratch!), biscuits which came out a bit flat as I made them in a rush and mushroom gravy from La Dolce Vegan (I think).

For pudding I made pumpkin pie from the recipe in How It All Vegan and it was really night, although I don’t think I cooked it enough as the pastry at the bottom was a bit underdone and the pie filling a bit too runny so I stuck it back in the oven to firm it all up a bit more.

It was a really enjoyable meal, I think that the mushroom gravy would have been better in the green bean casserole than the sauce I made as it tasted more like condensed soup and I also will use canned beans rather than frozen next time as the frozen ones were too crunchy which isn’t the memory that I have of green bean casserole from my younger days. I thinned the gravy with some soya milk as it was a bit thick but besides that I followed all my recipes to the word and the whole meal only took about an hour and fifteen minutes from start to finish (minus the pie which I made that morning) so it wasn’t bad at all. I will keep some of these dishes in mind for next year and future meals too, yum yum.

I must remember to take pictures of my food, it’s all getting a bit bland here with just the words and no nice food to look at. By the time I’m done cooking and sit down to eat though I’m usually wiped and just ready to eat so the photography slips my mind, I will try harder to remember though!


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