Two More Books

Whilst ordering Christmas presents I treated myself to The Good Food Daily cookbook by Ann Gentry as I had read quite a few blogs recently making recipes from it. The book is really nice to read and is really high quality paper and photographs. Whether or not I’ll use a whole bunch of the recipes I don’t know. There is an awful lot of seitan in it, which is great if you have access to vital wheat gluten flour, which I don’t in this country unfortunately. I look forward to being able to try those recipes when we get to the States though. I was inspired by the picture in the book to make my own version of the nachos but didn’t actually use any of the recipes in the book! I will make the cheese soon though as I’ve read really good things about that and I’ll report back how it comes out.

My second new cookbook acquisition was from my BIL for my Birthday and it’s Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons by Nava Atlas. In this new edition of the book Nava has reworked all the recipes to be vegan as she and her family are now vegan. There are some lovely recipes in there including ones using fruit and also breads to go with soup. In the winter we have soup at least once a week with some sort of home made bread so I expect to get some use out of this book!

Last night I made Creamy Parsnip Vegetable Soup and we all really liked it. We don’t have soy creamer over here so it probably wasn’t as creamy as it should be (but then again it also had less calories!) but it was still very nice and I will be making it again in the future. Something that quite a few of the recipes call for is salt free seasoning, another thing that isn’t common over here. I have in the cupboard four sachet of Mrs Dash though that we were given on the planes and I stuck in my bag to use later so I used two of them in the soup! There is enough soup left over for a few lunches too which is always nice, can’t beat a nice hot bowl of soup on a cold day.

To go with the soup I made the Oat-Walnut Muffins. These came out a bit gooey, I don’t know whether I didn’t have enough liquid or had used too much. They also didn’t raise very much and stuck to the muffin cases. Saying that they tasted lovely and I will try them again in the future to see if I can get them better. I’m wondering if perhaps the problem was my home made applesauce which was a little chunky rather than smooth, it may not have been wet enough in that form (but was lovely on my 10 grain Bobs Red Mill hot cereal this morning!).

I keep meaning to post more over here and somehow never manage it, I’ve not been cooking all that much lately but I will try to get in the swing of it again, especially as I have a larder and fridge full of food! I think tonight I may make Mung Beans and Courgettes (zuccini) which is normally a summer recipe but for some reason I seem to be buying lots of courgettes and not using them and this one is a nice to do that, and also tastes great in pita bread the next day for lunch!


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