Watch Out For Falling Shelves!

I started this post ages and ages ago, but I will post it now before writing my Christmas food roundup!

At the rate I’m buying cookbooks at the moment my shelf is going to come off the wall! I had to have a shuffle around the other week and I’ve made a bit of space so that when I do fill this shelf, which is coming very fast now, I will have room to put anything new on another shelf. I also had a clear out of any vegetarian cookbooks that I no longer use and gave most of them away keeping just the ones I enjoy using and that have a good selection of vegan recipes in them.

So, what have I bought now???

First to arrive was The Glad Cow Cookbook. Michelle posted on her blog that she’d picked it up locally so I went and had a look at the website and decided that as I had Paypal burning a hole in my account I’d splash out and buy it. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I got the book, it’s very thin and for the price of it I would have expected it to be about twice the size it is. However, it’s not as bad as it looks as there are 2 recipes on most pages and not a great deal of bumph about being vegan that most cookbooks seem to fill the first 30 pages with.

After reading through it though I went right into the kitchen and started cooking, that’s not happened to me with a new cookbook in quite some time. I immediately planned what we were having for dinner (it got moved to the next night but all good plans are subject to change!) and made my first baked good from the book Oatmeal Raisin Coffee Cake. This coffee cake is lovely and moist and there are just enough raisins and spices in it, I’m looking forward to trying out the other coffee cake recipes in the book once I’ve finished eating this one! Another good point about the cake actually is that I’ve had it wrapped in foil for about four days now and it’s still nice and moist and not gone stale which is handy when you’re the only one who eats stuff with raisins in!

Last night I got to try out the second recipe I immediately wanted to eat from this book which was the Veganized Baked Pasta. We used to eat pasta bake using a sauce from a jar when I was vegetarian and it’s something I’ve missed so I gave it a go. The only changes I made to the recipe were to leave out the herbs as the sauce we use is pretty high on the herb front and to exclude the chilli powder as we’re not huge chilli powder fans here. The meal was lovely and we will definitely be making it again, but not too often as it is a bit rich.

The second book I got was The (Almost) Fat Free Holiday Cookbook by Bryanna Clark Grogan. I was expecting this book to be just Christmas recipes, damn Amazon and their lack of good descriptions. The book is actually a collection of recipes from all kinds of different holidays from around the world. I didn’t see anything immediately that I’d like to cook but I do have an idea to take the mock pork and try and figure out how to make mock sweet and sour ‘pork’ balls as for some reason I’d like to have a go with that.

More books and kitchen items to come soon from my Birthday and Christmas hauls!


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