The Pregnant Vegan

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and the last few months have played havoc with my eating, it’s very disconcerting to walk through the vegetable section of a supermarket going ‘yuck, oh no can’t eat that, ick, horrible, no way’! I haven’t much felt like cooking and my desires for certain foods seem to come and go very quickly, so I stock up on something that I loved a few days ago but can no longer face it at all…

To begin with I had huge cravings for salad which was very odd! I made lovely vegan Cesar dressing and ate them by the huge plateful with croutons and lots of different veggies. Of course, once I was in the habit of stocking the fridge with salad I totally went off it and moved onto packing in carbohydrates instead, bagels, pasta by the bowlful and lots of cereal.

At the moment I’m finally able to start eating things that aren’t incredibly plain, I’ve not been able to face herbs and spices for a few weeks now and have lived mainly on pasta, which is nice but not that healthy or interesting when the only way you can face it is with a little vegan margarine and parmesan or with store bought sauce on it.

Last night I made sausage casserole from a packet mix (you add mushrooms and onions along with the sausages) and I really enjoyed it, in face I’m looking forward to having the leftover sausage I couldn’t manage for lunch today. We had it with mashed potatoes which were sublime, you know you’re pregnant when mashed potatoes have you oohing and ahhing over your dinner plate!

I managed to make chili last week as well by putting it in the slow cooker at breakfast time. The trouble with cooking in addition to the not wanting food at the moment is that by the time supper rolls around I’m usually so tired I can’t think of what to do or get up the energy to get off the sofa and make something. The chili was from Garden of Vegan and it was great and such a simple meal as all I had to manage to do was boil some rice.

The other day I did have a surge of energy in the afternoon (I paid for it later I tell you!) and made banana pancakes which I froze some of and Little One and I had for breakfast the next day and both enjoyed and also a batch of Oatmeal Cookie Granola which I’ve almost eaten up now. My pancakes always come out a bit rubbery, can anyone help me with why that is? I remember my Dad’s pancakes being much fluffier when I was a kid, mine taste ok but don’t do much for you texture wise.

I had my B12 checked when they did the routine blood tests and it turns out that I’m a little low, the bottom figure for ‘normal’ is 172 and I am at 146, so not dangerously bad but it needs some work. I thought I could just start having soya milk again (I usually have rice milk) and eat a bit more margarine and cereal but it turns out that our margarine and the soya milk I buy don’t have any B12 in them so I will have to look for a vitamins added brand next time I shop. I have been having a bowl of cereal most evenings though and I will keep up with that as well as trying to add any products I can find with B12 in them to my diet, not just for my health but also for the brain development of the baby. I would like to avoid taking pills though, I believe in eating your way to health rather than overdosing on vitamins by taking a pill each day. My iron levels are fine which is good, just got to get the B12 up a bit.

So far I have not craved anything non-vegan at all which is great, I was a bit worried that I would want to eat cheese or have chocolate or something but the idea of eating those still makes me feel a bit ill due to all I’ve read about milk production so all those books paid off! lol

Hopefully I will start liking food a bit more soon so I can post more regularly and actually make some meals worth posting about!


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