Cooking Again

I have managed to get back into the habit of doing a bit of cooking, not as much as I was doing before I got pregnant and there are still nights when I just have the plain old dull pasta (but it tastes lovely to me!) but it’s much better than it has been which is great, I really do enjoy cooking so it’s nice to be able to manage it again.

The other reason I need to get back to cooking is that we are absolutely broke this month. It’s the final roll-over from Christmas and we seriously have very little money to get through the month, DH doesn’t get paid for another 17 days. Luckily we have a very packed larder to work from so I am trying to work my way through the food we have in there and will only be stocking up on necessary vegetables like potatoes, carrots and onions. We bought some frozen vegetables that I can add to things and I definitely have enough cookbooks (!) so I should be able to keep us going I hope.

Today I have made 1 batch of granola already (Rise and Shine Granola from Garden of Vegan, great recipe) and I intend to make another batch when that one cools down and I can use my only 2 baking trays again (Oatmeal Cookie Granola from 28 Cooks blog) as we are down to 1 box of cereal and of course that is the healthy dull box that no one wants to eat! As I have all the dried fruit and seeds etc on hand granola is pretty cheap for us, I will probably pick up a few more bags of oats when I got for the veg stock up so I can do this again.

I have been working on getting the B12 up, I decided definitely not to take supplements, apparently the more B12 you take the less you absorb, so if you take a tablet that has 1000ug in it you will only absorb 0.5% of that 1000ug, what a waste of money! I have soya milk now with B12 in it as well as vegetable stock and I will be looking for other products that contain it to make sure we are all getting enough. I spoke to my Dr about it as well and she agrees that the best way is for me to eat B12 (she did some research on it which was nice of her). Apparently last year my B12 was over 300 so she says it is probably just because of the pregnancy that it has fallen. I need to make sure I eat stuff every day with it in though as the baby creates it’s own store of B12 rather than taking from mine so I need to keep us both going!

I tried out my pressure cooker the other day for some pulses and I couldn’t get it to work following the directions that came with it. I was a bit worried that it was broken and would need to be sent back so I tried potatoes in it the next night and they came out fine luckily. I will have to try another method of cooking pulses in it as that’s the main reason I got it, if you use your pressure cooker for pulses please share your method, I’d love to hear!

I also tried my pink stove top espresso maker today and it made the most lovely cup of coffee I’ve had in some time (I haven’t had caffine for a very long time now so if you’re a new reader please don’t worry about the baby, it was decaf!). I am looking forward to using it again, the coffee was so good that it didn’t even need milk in it, but I did have my usual sugar!


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