Guinness Marmite

Someone on Veganpeople is asking for someone in the UK to post them some Guinness Marmite. The article that links to states that Marmite is vegan, which is indeed is, however, Guinness is NOT vegan in the UK or Ireland and never has been, it uses bones in the brewing process from what I can recall. Guinness IS NOT listed in the Animal Free Shopper as being vegan friendly.

I believe that in the US Guinness might be vegan (at least that actually brewed in the US, anything imported from England/Ireland wouldn’t be) as I’ve read vegan recipes that use it and about vegans drinking it.

I can’t post on Veganpeople as I’ve not got it as a friend or something (I hate Livejournal, it’s terrible to try and navigate and gives me a headache) so I thought I would post here in the hopes that the 3 people who read this might pass on the information!


So, what do you think?

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