I don’t actually know the exact date I went vegan. What I do know is that the last time I ate cheese was when we were on holiday just a few weeks before my son’s first Birthday and that his Birthday cupcakes were the last non-vegan ones that I made (I can’t remember if I ate any or not…). So, as his 4th Birthday is next week that means that I have been vegan for 3 years somewhere around now, which is really odd as it doesn’t feel that long at all, mind you I can’t believe Little One is 4, time just disappears when you have kids and you end up shell shocked wondering where you life went!

I’ve been buying a lot of books recently they’re all on the book list if anyone is interested in seeing what I’ve got. I’ve got 2 more on their way to me as well, I really need to slow down on the book buying, especially as it’s getting hot and I’m not so good at the summer cooking. Winter stews and soups I can do no problem, I love making a bit hearty meal when it’s cold. As soon as it gets hot I want nothing to do with the kitchen at all and our healthy diet kind of falls aside. I want to change this and make good food for us but this year might not be the best year to decide to do that what with the baby due in July and all…

Next week I will be making a Birthday cake for Little One, he’s requested chocolate with candles and I will also be making 30 cupcakes for him to take to school with him. I’m going to do the vanilla ones from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, I have little cake cases so I am thinking that making the recipe twice should be enough. Not decided on the icing yet, will get around to that soon.

On the B12 front my levels dropped to 111, they have gone up to 113 so my eating lots of B12 helped a little bit. I am waiting to hear from my Doctor about a prescription for an oral B12 supplement. I’m not convinced that it will help all that much after what I’ve read about absorbing B12 and I will keep on with the eating of extra B12 (I’m making sure I have it 3 times a day in addition to whatever might be in meals which is more than I was eating before the last blood test). The delay from the Dr is to do with the fact that I asked him for a non-animal derived supplement and he was trying to figure out with the Pharmacy which one would be ok for me. The hospital was talking about an injection of B12 and I am a bit worried about whether that is animal derived or not. It’s a hard thing to make a decision about, my baby needs the B12, should my morals stand in the way of that? The baby will be vegetarian (like Little One probably 70% vegan and just have cheese and eggs/milk in pre-made things, everything I make it will be vegan) so animal derived B12 would be fine for it to have, but am I ok with giving it that B12 via my own body?

Anyway, besides the B12 everything else is going fine. I am so much more healthy this time around despite being a lot heavier than I was last time I got pregnant. I have gained weight a lot more slowly, had a lot less issues with my health and have also felt mentally better than I did last time. I know a lot of the mental things have to do with experience but the physical I’m putting down to being vegan. I was not a very healthy vegetarian eater during my last pregnancy and I think it showed a lot with how I felt and what happened to my body. So, I’m pleased that being vegan has had this effect on my health and once I’m done gestating I will try and carry on eating more healthily and improving my diet while I try and loose the weight from having 2 babies.

I will try and post more here, I just don’t get time to take food photos but I should comment on some of the recipes we’ve had from the many books I’ve got, we’ve had some really nice food of late and I kept meaning to blog about it but never made it, sorry!


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