BBQ Buffalo Zings

We have tried the packet mix for Vegan BBQ Ribs before and weren’t hugely impressed with them. This recipe is a lot simpler than the packet mix, you don’t have to put peanut butter all over them or anything like that, you simply mix the dry ingredients with water, mix, roll out and bake.

I brought a bag of vital wheat gluten back from Portland and this was the first time I had used it. You can’t find it over here and as I only had one smallish bag I didn’t want to use it all up on a single recipe or open it for something that just required 2 tablespoons. This recipe took 2/3 of a cup so I figured it was time to cut the bag open and finally make some use of it!

The mixture you get from the vital wheat gluten is really really funny. I rolled it out and then picked it up to reposition it and it shrunk right back to the size I’d started with! In the end I cut it with scissors while it was stuck down to the counter as that was easier than a knife and I got 12 zings from the mixture.

The sauce for these is really easy and very very tasty. I will definitely use this sauce again if I need a quick BBQ sauce for something, I may try marinating tofu in it, I was eating it from the jug with a spoon it was just that nice!

The zings puff right up in the oven, you turn them over and then coat them with sauce and bake for a bit longer. They were nice and chewy and tasty, we all liked them, so this recipe will come out again. DH never had ribs when he ate meat (they’re not a big thing over here at all) so he asked why these zings were so chewy so I had to explain that they were imitating the chewy meat you get off a real rib. Little One liked them but wasn’t impressed with the amount of chewing they required, he likes easy to eat food.

Oh, and please don’t think that we’re all restrained and have small portions of food in this house, the picture is of Little One’s plate (he’s 4), he doesn’t like his food too hot so we have to serve it up and wait for it to cool down a bit so I took the photo while that was happening! Our portions were much larger, especially as the new potatoes were local and incredibly good!


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