Black Bean and Basmati Rice Burgers

I didn’t actually use basmati rice in these as I only have brown basmati which would have taken too long to cook so I went with the regular white rice instead and it worked fine. I have to say that when I tasted the mixture for these I wasn’t that impressed and was worried that they would be really dull, there are very few ingredients and they’re so easy to make but sometimes that means dull, dull, dull.

Anyway, I added a bit more salt and carried on and fried them and when we ate them they were actually pretty nice. I made 6 burgers from the recipe (it says to make 8 but as there are 3 of us I went with 6) and they were just the right size for 1 each. The spices do come through and the beans and rice work really well, what sets these off is the liquid smoke in them though, it really adds something to the burger, I used Hicory as that’s the one in my cupboard that’s open at the moment! The only other change I made to the recipe was to halve the chili powder as we don’t mind the taste but don’t want the heat too high. I froze these 3 leftover burgers so we’ll be having them again sometime.

I served the burgers just on buns with potato salad for a simple evening meal as the potatoes were leftover from the night before!

Just a note on how I’m labelling stuff and why I’m writing a post for each thing I make. I want to end up with a list of my cookbooks on the sidebar and recipes from them I’ve tried so that when you click a label you only get posts concerning that particular book. If you want the full title and author of the cookbook check out the link on the sidebar to my cookbooks and you’ll find it there!


So, what do you think?

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