Pasta Bake

I’ve probably made this five or more times now and I really enjoy it each time I eat it. I tend to add a little more pasta than the recipe calls for and a bit more water as the recipe just says ‘jar of pasta sauce’ and I’ve no idea if the jar I’m using is as big as the American ones!

This is a really tasty pasta bake that has lots of vegetables hidden in it (carrots, courgettes (zucchini) and mushrooms) and although it tastes really rich like it should be very very bad for you there isn’t anything besides the cheese you put on top that is. I vary the herbs that I use in it, this time I used just basil but I have used a mixture of basil and oregano or just mixed herbs in it, I also omit the chili powder as my boys aren’t fans of much chili in things.

This is an easy dish to make as well, you throw everything in a pot, cover it and bake it for an hour. I don’t put the cheese on from the start, instead I take it out of the oven halfway through, give it a stir to make sure that there’s enough liquid and the pasta is cooking ok and then put the cheese on and put it in for another half hour.

I always have the leftovers of this for lunch the next day and they’re great reheated.


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