Outrageously Easy Big Bread

I was listening to an old edition of Vegan Freak Radio yesterday and there was a review of this recipe on there saying how wonderful it was and how easy it was to make so I figured that as I’ve been meaning to make my own bread since Christmas when I bought some loaf tins that I would give it a go.

The recipe is a little irritating as it says ‘two packets of yeast’ but it doesn’t say whether that’s fast acting yeast or regular yeast or how big the packet is. In the many comments someone posted that a packet is around one and a quarter teaspoons so that’s what I went with. I used half brown and half white flour in this so that it wasn’t completely devoid of nutrition! A nice thing about the recipe is that it calls for regular flour rather than the more expensive bread flour which helps keep the cost to a really reasonable level. In the comments to the recipe there are a lot of variations that people have tried as well, some of which sound very yummy, but I will get the plain version right before playing around too much!

I think my kitchen is a little bit cold though as it didn’t rise very well in the first 45 minutes, it smelt yeasty but not much was going on. I think I left it another hour before doing anything with it and I put it on top of the cooker while I was making the soup so that it got a bit of warmth which seemed to help. Once it has risen I kneaded it quickly (had to add a tiny bit more flour as it was a bit sticky) and then put it in the loaf tins to rise again and left it for about an hour or so.

The loaves aren’t huge and they didn’t rise very much in the oven so I’m thinking that perhaps instant yeast is the way to go or else the mixture was just a little bit too wet. The loaves taste very yeasty which is odd as well, so either the yeast didn’t work very well or I used the wrong kind, I will try the instant next time and see what happens.

I had some of the bread last night to test it out and it was fabulous, this morning I had toast from it and that was great as well. It’s heavier than shop bought bread, more dense than we’re used to, but I’m sure we can get used to better quality bread! The loaf and a half that are left are sliced up and in the freezer where we store all our bread, we never eat it fast enough to keep it out!

I decided to change the look of a the blog a little bit, I like the new green look and I’ve added a list of the tags to the sidebar. However, I think I’ve done something odd to the comments as I can’t see any way to leave one, hopefully it will sort itself soon, Haloscan is in the template so it should show up at some point…


So, what do you think?

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