Apple Cinnamon Granola

No picture of this one because, lets face it, a picture of a bowl of granola is pretty damn dull!

I had a bit of a flash the other day when thinking about how difficult it’s been to find vegan B12 tablets that can be prescribed (I finally got some today….) and carried on thinking about the stuff that I’ve been eating to get my B12 up. It occurred to me that perhaps these things also had animal derived B12 so I had a look at the Animal Free Shopper online and then bought myself a copy off Amazon Marketplace and discovered that none of the cereal I’ve been eating is actually vegan. I then realised that the soya milk I’ve been having on the cereal probably isn’t vegan either…

So, I stopped eating cereal and have been having toast instead for the last 2 weeks, but was getting pretty damn bored with it, so I decided to break out the cookbooks and make some more granola as I’ve not had any in ages and ages.

This recipe is really simple and tasty, it has oats, coconut, sesame seeds, maple syrup, dehydrated apple, a few other bits and bobs and nuts. The recipe calls for pecans, but I had run out and they are incredibly expensive over here so I put in half a cup of almonds and half a cup of walnuts which have worked really well. It doesn’t clump as much as other granolas I’ve made but as it’s so tasty it doesn’t really matter.

So, that’s breakfast sorted for a while, I found a box of vegan bran flakes in the supermarket today as well so that will offer a little bit of variety and when this granola is done I will move on and make some more of one of the other recipes I’ve tried.

More food to come!


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