New Menu

Some things didn’t get made from the last menu, it always happens, some nights I just don’t feel up to more than pasta with shop bought sauce or the boys grab something from the freezer and I find a salad or something later on, particularly when the weather is hot.

So, here is the menu for the next 2 weeks, it’s always a bit plainer than the first menu as we’re now in the second half of the month leading up to payday and have less money to spend!

1. Hot Dogs and Chips (fries) – store bought hot dogs

2. Sweetcorn Chowder – Rose Elliott (this is DH’s favourite soup!) with biscuits.

3. Slopppy Joes – How It All Vegan

4. Home Made Pizza – Vegan With A Vengeance crust and sauce

5. Spring Rolls with rice or noodles (will make these up as I go along!)

6. Three Bean Burritos – Vegan Planet

7. Pasta With Sweet Pepper and Tomato Sauce – Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen

8. Baked Potatoes with cheese and beans

9. BBQ Tofu using the sauce from the Buffalo Zings we had last time, served with potatoes and vegetables

10. Mung Beans and Courgettes – The Vegan Cookbook with potatoes

11. Buckwheat Burgers – 50 Meatless Burgers

12. Schnitzel and Potatoes – shop bought schnitzel, our favourite packaged fake meat

13. Masoor Daal – Spicy Vegan with puppadoms or chapati depending on how I feel

14. Mac and Cheese – Vegan Planet

15. Backyard BBQ Chili – Vegan Planet with rice or biscuits depending on how warm it is outside

Oh, I was all excited then as my vegan Birkenstocks had just arrived, but even though the old leather pair that I have now worn to death say they are a size 40 the 40’s I ordered are too large so they will have to be sent back…. It’s annoying as due to the hot weather and being pregnant my feet are swollen and my Birkenstocks are the only shoes that fit me comfortably so I was looking forward to having a non-leather decent looking pair for a change, hopefully they will be fast with sending the replacements out.

I also keep forgetting to mention that I received a nice envelope full of stickers from the Vegan Random Act of Kindness group, there was no name but the postmark was from California so thank you very much if you sent them to me!


So, what do you think?

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