Masoor Daal

When Little One was about 2 if you asked him what he wanted for dinner there was a pretty damn good chance he would say ‘curry’. We’ve always found it amusing that he enjoys Indian food so much, especially as DH isn’t that much of a fan. I guess we can put it down to the amount of curry I ate whilst pregnant with him!

When we have Indian in this house we like the spice but not the heat so I always reduce (if not omit totally) the amount of chili that I add to things. Both the boys like Daal a lot and this recipe is really simple but incredibly tasty, much more so than any other Daal I’ve made previously.

You cook your lentils with ginger, chili and 5 different spices and make a Tarka which is a tomato and onion mixture with 5 spices in it and then when the lentils have reached the right consistency you mix the two together and hey presto it’s done! We served it with brown basmati rice and poppadoms and everyone ate their fill!

I love this book. It is written by an Indian lady who is vegan and all the recipes are really authentic and taste like Indian food that you would pay someone else to make for you. There’s nothing particularly complicated about the recipes and besides a few spices that I had to go out and get specially (like hing, fenugreek seeds and mango powder) everything else I tend to have to hand. We’ve not made anything out of this book that has turned out badly or not tasted wonderful, I should actually use it a lot more than I do! The only down side of the book is that there are absolutely no pictures and she doesn’t explain what the different names of dishes mean so I often have no idea at all what the finished dish is supposed to be like or look like, it can be exciting to cook that way but also a little daunting. She does tell you what traditionally dishes are served with though so you know if you’re making something that goes over rice or is normally a side dish, that helps a lot!


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