Menu Challenge

I’ve been thinking a while about how much food we actually have in the house, I like a full larder, but sometimes I feel guilty for having so much around and then going out each month and spending yet more money on food. I try and run what is called a ‘perpetual larder’ whereby when something runs out there is another on hand, for example we’re almost out of red lentils in the jar they’re stored in but there’s a big new bag of them waiting to go in that jar when it’s emptied. This is great in that you don’t run out of stuff, but it means that there’s packets all over the place waiting to fill a jar!

I also had to throw out quite a few things this last week as they were out of date and that’s just plain waste which I hate in every way….

So, in the interest of eating up some of what we’ve got and trying to save some money in the process I am going to see how little I can spend this month on food and what I can make using what I have to hand.

This is the list I’ve come up with so far:

Pasta and Sauce x 2 (I’ve got 2 jars of sauce in the larder)

Pasta with Pesto (could probably do this twice too as I’ve got a jar of vegan pesto in the larder)

Black Bean Burgers with potatoes of some sort (burgers are in freezer)

Cauliflower Soup with some sort of bread (soup is in freezer)

Chickpea RatatouilleVive Le Vegan

Potatoes and Peppers with chapatti- Spicy Vegan

Sloppy Joes – Garden of Vegan

Pizza and Chips (the boys have a frozen pizza in the freezer, I’ll find something else to eat, probably leftovers)

Mung Beans and Courgettes – The Vegan Cookbook

Lentil Soup – Rose Elliot

Backyard BBQ Chili – Vegan Planet

Frozen Pie with potatoes and veg (the boys have Quorn pies in the freezer, I will have the leftover Thai cake things that are in there)

Mac and Cheese

Dried Whole Pea Soup – The Bean Book

Lentil Cottage Pie – Cheap and Easy

Pasta with Lentil Sauce – Cheap and Easy

Sunflower Lentil Pie with potatoes and veg – Vive Le Vegan

Not a bad start, 18 meals off the top of my head using mainly stuff we have in the house. My shopping list so far is for:

Milk for DH
Soya Milk
Toilet Rolls
Tinned Dog Food
Something for DH to put on sandwiches

We will probably need to get a few bits here and there and after I’ve worked through all these meals I imagine that I will need tinned tomatoes and onions plus some vegetables to mix with the huge amount of pulses that I have on hand.

So, wish me luck, hopefully we can save some money this month and make some space so we don’t end up throwing away yet more food or giving it away before we move!


So, what do you think?

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